Welcome to Foods You Should Avoid! I'm happy to introduce you to a source you can comfortably lean on in this time of dietary uncertainty. Now that the world of science is keenly aware of the link between what we put in our bodies and our health and longevity, everyone has the same question: What foods should I eat, and which should I stay far away from?

Of course, the answers to that are both open-ended and different for each individual. What works best for one person may work a bit differently for another; a food you could greatly benefit from could be a no-no for someone else, too. The diet is tricky, but with the right knowledge, you can quickly set a structure for yourself that puts you on the path to optimal nutrition and wellness.

From helping you to identify the good and bad of certain foods, truths of the food industry, nutritional facts, and more, Foods You Should Avoid is here for much more than the name suggests. You can't know what foods to truly avoid if you don't know the foods to keep and why. The totality of it is knowing what your body needs, where to get it from, and how that fits into your budget and lifestyle.

It's our hope that you find the diet that works best for you. While you discover the foods you want to avoid, in doing so, we also shed light on foods that you'll love and are great for you. Best of luck and bon appetit!


Robert Padilla