1Drink Bone Broth

Bone stock or broth was one of the ways our ancestors took advantage of every part of an animal. This broth can restore your digestive system's mucosal lining (which may be damaged through poor diet or during the use of antibiotics) and help your body heal. This is an anti-inflammatory food.

Bone broth, technically, is a misnomer since, traditionally, a broth is different than stock because it does not include the animal's bones. Bone broth includes gelatin, so if you have homemade bone broth, you don't need to worry about supplementing your diet with gelatin. Many commercial gelatin products get their gelatin from animals, so a person who does not have bone broth can still get some of the benefits by eating gelatin.

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Albert Allen

Albert Allen is from Southfield, MI, and is a passionate guitar player, composing his very own songs. For a long time, he paid little attention to his diet. Small changes made a big difference, and now, he spreads the word!