2Heal Your Gut With The GAPS Diet

The GAPS diet is one way to tidy up your regular diet. This diet is temporary, and it removes all of the fiber from your diet and replaces it with fermented foods and probiotics. When the diet is over, with the intention of healing your gut lining, you should slowly incorporate foods back into your diet.

You can break the GAPS protocol into three steps, and each is designed to seal and heal your gut lining, restore the optimal bacterial ecosystem in your gastrointestinal tract, and rebalance your immune system. The nutritional protocol restricts processed and refined carbohydrates, starchy vegetables, commercial dairy, and all grains and focuses on nutrient-dense, easily digestible foods. The supplementation protocol must be fitted to the individual's health-care needs, and it generally includes a cod liver oil, essential fatty acids, and commercial probiotic, which provides beneficial bacteria along the GI tract and targets digestive support.

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Albert Allen

Albert Allen is from Southfield, MI, and is a passionate guitar player, composing his very own songs. For a long time, he paid little attention to his diet. Small changes made a big difference, and now, he spreads the word!