1Egg Whites

Eggs are a great food: they are readily available, inexpensive, and have high-quality proteins. So then why do we have eggs whites on our bad mood list? It is due to the fact that you are getting rid of half of the entire egg, and you are also getting rid of a majority of mood-enhancing benefits of the food. Eggs are full of nutrients that your body needs, such as choline, B vitamins, and protein, making them an excellent food for keeping your moods balanced and supporting your brain health.

Since they are natural, you can also avoid those nasty extra things that are contained in processed foods, such as additives, sugar, and sodium, with all of those crazy moods that these ingredients bring with them. However, all of the good things are contained in the yolks rather than the white. So if you have been skipping out on the yolks, then you are missing out on the delicious nutrition that they have to offer you.

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Robert Padilla

A proud father and husband, Robert Padilla is a resident of Dallas, TX, and is a huge fan of the Dallas Mavericks. Dealing with digestive problems for countless years led him to learn all that he could about the gut and the science behind it.