Which Foods Should You Avoid?

Theoretically, the human body should be able to digest and make use of any sort of food you can manage to swallow. The profound changes that have occurred since the human digestive system evolved (think about industrial food processing and sedentary lifestyles, for example) have made our stomachs less reliable than they were in pre-civilization days. Some foods (like fatty meats) are best taken in moderation if we want to avoid digestive distress. Thankfully, nature has some ready-made antidotes for these sorts of problems.

Your digestive system is just like every other vital system in your body; it can be laid low by diseases or injuries. Sadly, environmental stresses and dietary habits are often enough to weaken our stomachs dangerously. This guide will teach you which kinds of foods are best avoided if you want to improve the condition of your digestive tract.

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Albert Allen

Albert Allen is from Southfield, MI, and is a passionate guitar player, composing his very own songs. For a long time, he paid little attention to his diet. Small changes made a big difference, and now, he spreads the word!